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8 Chubby Cat Food Fails That Are So Painfully Relatable It’s Hilarious

We have had an extremely unlucky day with food at least one time in life and that is such a frustrating moment. Every time we are hoping for the best part of food ( mozzarella cheese with a load of salami, a juicy sauce which spice the food up, the sausage in the hotdog with a touch of mustard,etc.) going through the mouth, it fails.

Artist Q-Rais and his chubby cat feel us too well, so he published a series of food fails that are so relatable with every person who is reading this. This Japanese comic series are the explosion for those who are cat fanciers and food lovers.

You just can’t skip these funny strips so make sure you scroll down and vote your closest unfortune food experience!

More info: Twitter (h/t: boredpanda)

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