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9 Brilliant Reasons To Have A Cat

There must be a load of reasons why people choose to live with a cat even though people still have in mind a stereotype of them: unfriendly, nonchalant, unhelpful, and only for decorating in the house. Those cruel assumptions have a huge impact when you encounter a feline. But before judging anything, dear friends, you have to look at the facts. Cats and dogs are 2 first initial options that a person can think of immediately when they want to raise a pet.

Let’s look through a dog person’s lens: dogs are chosen because they are really loyal and responsive, they are loving and the sweetest boys on earth, they are quick learners and they love people, they are heroic outside and maternal inside, and so much more. But sometimes we are too busy to handle their shedding seasons, their neediness at the wrong time, and the amount of time you visit the vet is more than usual.

Cats are easier to take care of because they can groom themselves. They are not as clingy as dogs but that is the way they respect your space. Cats use their unique purrs to heal your inner body and mind. They will follow you to the bathroom and give you thousands of headbutts, they can entertain you by their own ability, they teach you how to enjoy life in the simplest ways, and cuddling them at night is over the moon!

A Russian artist Astkhik Rakimova describes 9 brilliant reasons to have a cat by visualizing her imagination to photos, and they are so true! Let’s look at them and tell us what you think in the comment section. Are there any other reasons you want to add? Let’s fulfill the world with cats!

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