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A Study Finds That Your Cat Thinks Of You As A Parent

Cat aficionados all know very well the charm cats possess: they are mischievous devils in the disguise of innocent, fluffy angels that know to hit on our weaknesses and make us love them unconditionally. But contrary to popular belief, cats are not always aloof and cagey, they are actually very affectionate animals. According to a study, cats are similar to babies, which have social-cognitive capacities, and they might regard their owners as parents and feel attached to them. These findings below are useful for debunking the myth that cats are standoffish and do not feel a strong connection to their owners.

Curious? Then wait no more, scroll down and find out how cats secretly treasure us without informing us too much about it!

(h/t: brightside)

#1 They are social animals

The majority of cats have social needs. They can befriend and collaborate with other animals. They may even feel a loss if social interactions are not exchanged enough. Cats strive to socialize and form ties with humans as well. According to some experts, cats believe we are also cats. Bigger than them, but still cats to them, and that equals family.

#2 They feel attached to you

Your cat wants to be close to you. They want to get involved in what you're doing and establish a bond with you. Once they create an attachment style with you, it tends to become stable over time. This behavior toward their owner is still present during the cat’s adulthood, meaning that your cat sees you as its primary caretaker. Therefore, it is understandable that they love sitting on our laps, or even on our laptops too! (they want to be close to us during work, or that might be a distraction we can't resist)

#3 When you’re not around, they may be stressed

According to this test, if you leave your cat alone in a room for just two minutes, they will become stressed and uneasy. Cats who are insecure are more prone to hide and scamper around. Their levels of stress will be reduced once you come back and reunite with them. So remind yourself to be back home soon because your feline is lonely and waiting for you!

#4 You are their safe place

Cats can tell the difference between security and insecurity when it comes to people. According to the research, when cats are with their owners, they feel more secure. The majority of cats, like children, select their owners as their primary source of security.

#5 They actually care about you

Your cat genuinely cares about you, even if it isn't always visible. It can demonstrate your affection in a variety of ways. Purring, blinking at you, head butting, revealing their tummy, and even grooming you are examples of ways they communicate with you. When cats groom their owners, they are at ease and want to express that they trust you with their lives, just as a parent would. Any signs would immediately capture our hearts right away!


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