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Abandoned Cat With Webbed Feet Finally Finds His Forever Home

Animals are abandoned every day all across the world, and the poor animals have nowhere to go but shelters or foster homes. The sad reality is that the color, breed, age, and health of shelter animals can all play a role in whether or not they find a new forever home.

That’s why the odds weren’t in her favor when a little black cat and two of her buddies were found abandoned by their owners in Manchester, England. After their owners moved away and left them behind, the cats were forced to live on their own for several weeks. Deandra, a small black cat with webbed feet, was one of the three cats whose future was highly uncertain…

Fortunately, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) was on hand to assist her!

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Deandra’s toes are webbed!

Deandra had wedded toes because to a medical problem that caused her toes to not separate properly. This gives her paws the appearance of a bird’s foot.

After reading her story in the Manchester Evening News, Michael Casemore decided that this wonderful little cat was the perfect pet for him.


She only wants to be loved…

In an interview, Michael stated:

“She was initially shy, but she has since begun to venture out. She’s doing extremely well, and everyone who meets her adores her. I was already a fan of black cats, but then I saw her attraction, and she’s a little different.

When I went to visit her, she was very loving, though she appeared to be quite pleased in her cat pod. I knew she’d been there a long time, so I had no choice but to take her.”

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On the day of her adoption, the RSPCA allowed them to take her favorite toy home from the Shelter. Michael stated:

“She always plays with it on the kitchen’s laminate flooring, and she glides around so effortlessly.” She attempts to catch it, and she’s a lightning fast runner when she slides around and darts after it, generally under the kitchen table.

She’s quite the character, in fact. She’s calm and collected among other cats, but she’s made a few acquaintances in the neighborhood and has the loveliest squeaky meow. Her webbed toes don’t seem to slow her down, yet she can be clumsy at times. I’m not sure if it’s her paws or just her personality.”

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And now she has a home that will love her forever!


It is such an amazing story and beautiful action of human to these poor cats. This is an inspiring story to the community and we hope that people who are reading this one will share it and give your comments about what your thoughts are.


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