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Artist Encouraged By His Wife To Upload Comics About Their Rescue Cat (30+ Pics)

We cat lovers are always so fascinated by the way our feline buddies react to the world. Their outlook on the surroundings and how their logic works remain such mysteries to all of us. Some cartoonists try to portrait parts of their point of view through their comics, giving us a partial insight into cats’ thoughts. We have a story of black cats by Jenny Jinya, and now we have “How to cat” by Lucas Turnbloom.

Lucas is a cartoon illustrator from Southern California. Three years ago Lucas and his wife decided to adopt the sweetest baby kitten. However, apparently, all cats have some loco inside them, and  Sweetie is no exception. That was when the comic series “How to cat” was invented.

“The comic was originally intended to be an inside joke for my wife and I, but she insisted that I put it on the internet and share it with the world. The strip seems to have found an audience on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter – which is incredible.” Lucas shared in one interview with Bored Panda.

The comic series officially turned 3 on April 12th. The amazing adventure of Sweetie has caught major attention from cat lovers all over the world. With how the media and the fans are reacting to his art pieces all this time, Lucas is incredibly happy and grateful. Lucas even created a Patreon account for all your feline suckers to enjoy some exclusive content.

Here are some of Lucas’s latest artworks that I bet any cat owner could strongly relate to. Don’t forget to upvote for your most favorite ones, even though it is going to be a tough call!

More info: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | (h/t: boredpanda)

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