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Artist Illustrates What It’s Like To Live With A Cat (30+ Pics)

If you think this life is full of resentment and anger, let’s adopt a cat, make friends with cat lovers, and act like a cat! Even if you lack one of those, you can be the best of yourself everyday. Cats are examples of not giving a dang about the world and living the fullest. That is why cats are overwhelmingly flooding on your phone when you are surfing Instagram, Reddit, or Facebook. Cat groups, cat communities, cat merch, cat furniture, cat news, they are everywhere! They are not on the Earth to mess around and make a fuss with you but they come to cure your anxiety, hoomans. Imagine one day cats do not exist, that would be the worst days ever.

One of the most popular comic artists, Lingvistov from Russia, has recently honored the existence of our furry overlords by publishing a cats calendar in 2022, promising a purrfect year ahead! Landysh and Asia shifted their destiny from being graduated English linguistics students to expanding the kingdom of cats by illustrating comics what it’s like to live with a kitty. Everything seemed out of the plan but they nailed it, a whopping 402K followers on Instagram have eagerly been waiting for their next comic every week. They are not born to be artists at first hand but somehow the cats have helped them a lot to gain nowadays achievements.

Cat lovers, cats calendar in 2022 is waiting for you to cop, let’s make a year full of furry fluffy felines now! Before jumping to the purchase, check out these latest comic strips that Lingvistov has published below!

More info: Instagram | | Twitter | Youtube | Tumblr | Pinterest (h/t: boredpanda)

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