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Artist Illustrates What The Pets Of Famous Characters Would Look Like (8 Pics)

Aleksei Vinogradov is a Russian freelance digital artist (with 357k Instagram followers) who shares his talents and creativity. His delightful artistic touch, masterful use of pastels, and subtle brush strokes create gorgeous, character-filled pictures that lure art fans from all over the world. His creations are primarily made with the Procreate program on a tablet. He studied Costume Design at the Saint Petersburg Art and Industry Academy, and his cool drawings have become so popular that he has invented his own digital painting brushes.

Aleksei gets his inspiration from music, emotion, and beautiful women’s faces. In fact, if you carefully go through his feed, you’ll see his ability to portray women with force, attitude, and energy, as if they were gazing at you directly from the screen, and inspire feelings.

Aleksei draws beautiful portraits of beloved pop culture characters with their “spirit” pets in his series “Famous characters and their pets,” from Jon Snow with a white dire wolf cub to Batman with a little bat or Mystique with a fantasy creature version of herself. These lovely creatures have a symbolic value and properly symbolize their owners, in addition to taking these artistic concepts to a new level of cuteness. Like owner, like pet, right?

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#1 Jon Snow (Kit Harington in “Game of Thrones”)

With the eighth and final season of "Game of Thrones" about premiering on April 14th, Aleksei Vinogradov has paid tribute to one of the series' most renowned characters, Jon Snow. Jon (Kit Harrington) is presented with his faithful albino dire wolf pup Ghost, whom he saves early in the series, in a realistic manner. Ghost was the lone white dire wolf in the pack that the children of Winterfell adopted, and he grew up to be bigger than his brothers. His individuality reflects Jon's personality and makes him the ideal pet. While we've lately seen Jon (spoiler alert!) embrace his Targaryen lineage and hang out with dragons, Ghost is expected to make a triumphant return with plenty of screens time in the final season, giving viewers the opportunity to explore their special friendship.

#2 Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence in “The X-Men”)

Mystique, also known as Raven Darkhome, is a mutant from the X-Men film series who possesses the power to shape shift into anyone. Mystique, who has been played by Jennifer Lawrence since 2011's X-Men: First Class, has the ability to imitate exact appearances, voices, and even clothing, giving her the ability to go unnoticed and manipulate people. Even though she hasn't always been a hero, the power of youth and regenerative healing, as well as exceptional combat skills, make her a valued X-Men member. Mystique gradually learnt to embrace her cute pet, which is a miniature version of her natural blue-skinned and red-haired form. Is a mini Mystique capable of transforming into whoever she wants, and is this the pet's final form? We're hoping that the answers to these issues will be revealed in the next X-Men film.

#3 Batman/ Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale in “Batman”)

Although not all heroes wear capes, Batman is one among them. This superhero proves that you don't have to be born with supernatural abilities to fight for justice. Bruce used his physical and mental abilities to develop a figure capable of operating top-of-the-line equipment in order to combat crime in Gotham City. The fandom continues to debate who is the finest Batman, but Christian Bale is unquestionably at the top of our, and most likely Aleksei's, list. The black creature of the night that inspired Bruce Wayne's superhero alter ego — a bat – is the best pet option for him. He used to be afraid of bats, but he turned his phobia into a sign of strength and determination.

#4 Leeloo (Mila Jovovich in “The Fifth Element”)

Leeloomina Lekatariba Lamina-Tcha Ekbat De Sebat (A.K.A "Leeloo") is a gorgeous human-like alien who was brought to Earth to combat evil in Luc Besson's legendary "Fifth Element." Leeloo is the Fifth Element to create a formidable weapon, genetically immaculate and superior. Mila Jovovich, who was born in Ukraine, plays the role, who possesses superhuman strength, accelerated learning, durability, agility, and tremendous combat skills, as well as the capacity to unify all elemental stones. She possesses a juvenile charm, vulnerability, and compassion despite being the perfect fighter. Aleksei Vinogradov envisions her four-legged companion as a small puppy with brilliant orange stripes.

#5 Elizabeth Swann (Keira Knightley in “Pirates of the Caribbean”)

Another renowned figure who influenced Aleksei is Elizabeth Swann, who was played by Keira Knightley in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” film series. An incredibly beautiful, energetic, and clever lady who defies a gender and social norms and has long been fascinated by piracy and life at sea. Elizabeth is a daring pirate because she has a strong will and an independent mind, which she combines with her mastery of the sward and battle tactic skills. Her cat has a distinct style that was possibly influenced by one especially eccentric pirate.

#6 Mathilda (Natalie Portman in “Léon: The Professional”)

Natalie Portman's debut film After her family is murdered, Mathilda, a 12-year-old girl, seeks refuge at the apartment of professional hitman Léon. Mathilda swiftly becomes Léon's protege as she seeks vengeance for the killing of her younger brother. The two come to an agreement: Mathilda will help around the house and teach him how to read in exchange for hitman abilities from New York's finest hit man. She changes into a well-prepared assassin eager to avenge, while being innocent and immature but already bearing deep emotional scars that make her mature beyond her years. Aleksei was drawn to Mathilda because she was a multifaceted character. Her 'spirit animal' is a black cat, which is both friendly and fiercely independent.

#7 Hellboy (Ron Perlman in “Hellboy”)

It's no surprise that Hellboy's (or Anung Un Rama's) pet would be a small devil who is nonetheless cute. The well-intentioned half-demon, played by Ron Pearlman in two Guillermo del Toro cinematic adaptations of the famed comics, appears to be the ideal pet owner. Hellboy is a superhero fighting against the forces of darkness, despite his demonic and terrible visage that would match a real villain. He's a nice, goodhearted creature with a sharp sense of humour, and his playful red companion appears to share those qualities.

#8 Malekith (Christopher Eccleston in “Thor: The Dark World”)

Malekith (played by Christopher Eccleston in "Thor: The Dark World") is Aleksei's series' enemy. Malekith, the Dark Elves' totally cruel, violent, and malevolent commander, wanted to turn the universe into endless darkness. It's no surprise that, despite its diminutive stature, his pet is rather terrifying. If his owner's scheme hadn't been thwarted by Thor, it appears that the little fella would dominate a good portion of the universe.


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