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Artist Turns Internet-Famous Cat Pics Into Cute Watercolor Illustrations (30 Pics)

Cat memes are GOAT masterpieces and they are always viral for their quirkiness yet pure expressions, their unpredictable movements and behaviors. You can easily find a funny cool memes of this lovely whiskers and guess what? Many artirsts have redrawn them and it’s been even more and more meme-nomenal on the Internet.

One of the artirsts Amelia Pizky, known as Watercatlor, has drawn netizen’s attention by her animated watercolorized funny cat memes for a better memeningful life, we mean, they of course can make your day right?

Let’s see how she performs us with some popular illustrations below. We’ve listed some of her arts that made her innocently famous, so scroll down to enjoy and upvote your favorite cattos!

More info: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter (h/t: boredpanda)

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Not cartoonish and sharp with them big eye balls like Tactooncat, Amelia gives us peace, fun, wholesomeness, artsy look with her amazing watercolor talent and just a white plain background for people to catch the eye of the cat straightforward. Thus, who said it was easy to redraw with bare minimum effort with those memes? It will take lots of time to define the personal style to not to be mistaken with other artists’ ones but still keep the vibe of the meme, we would say she really succeeded with it.


Gaining 222k followers on Instagram with 506 posts so far and having average 15k likes per post and more than a thousand people keep on waitting for her upcoming work of art on Facebook, Amelia Rizky is a name that should over and over again be mentioned in a meme drawing artist category. People can’t stop looking and laughing at her adorable cat memes, guess this is the best antidepressant dose ever for cat lovers as well as pet lovers!


Cats got nothing to do except being cute and innocent, people lovingly capture those moments and unintentionally make them viral. The more memes are made, the more source and inspiration for digital watercolor artist like Amelia to redraw and have fun with them!


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