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Beagle Adopts Two Tiny Kittens And Nurses Them Like They Are Her Own Young

We have read a lot of heartwarming dog and cat stories who decided to be together for their entire life. But the motherly instinct of this adorable beagle dog is on the next level. Daisy is a female beagle pooch who has beautiful traits: loving, gentle, sweet, especially she is keen on kittens. When Daisy was one year old, she was matured enough to give birth to puppers but the fact that she had never had any litter in her life.

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When the owner Jane Whitton brought 2 kittens with given names Fletcher and Dexter home, Daisy was very excited and she couldn’t take her eyes off them.

“When we brought them home, she was very bouncy, very bouncy, and excited at her new friends. She’s grown up with cats but kittens were a whole new thing for her.” –  She said.

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To show good deeds with these two adorable kittens who lacked their biological mother’s nutrition, Daisy started to produce her own milk and get them fed. The owner didn’t believe in her eyes what was happening, she recorded and showed the world memorable footage of Daisy’s maternal know-how.

“Recently she’s even started producing her own milk and nursing them which is pretty extraordinary.” – Said the owner.

The video below shows how bonding they are regardless of different species. Fletcher the ginger kitten and Dexter the black one were taking nap with their surrogate mum Daisy. They were grooming and playing together, too.

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Watch the video here:

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Dexter is a beautiful kitty who appears a little bit nervous and shy, whereas Fletcher the black cat is more energetic and cheeky. Daisy loves them equally, she provides her nutrition for them everyday and cuddles them while sleeping.

“They’ll run around the living room playing hide and seek with her under the sofas. I think it’s the beginning of a lifelong friendship.” – Miss Whitton shared.

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“I like to think that whilst at moment it’s quite a maternal love. I hope that as they get bigger it will always remain a close friendship and they’ll continue to play and sleep and have fun together.” – She continued.

Raising and nourishing two little children whom Daisy didn’t give birth to is such an unbelievable milestone in her life as well as the owner’s expectation. We can literally see how wonderful nature is, no matter who you are, we deserve to be loved.


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