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Blind Raccoon Brings Two Stray Kittens To Human Friend And Saves Their Lives

Friendship knows no bounds, as this newest story demonstrates. A recent viral video depicted an odd bond between two kittens and a blind raccoon. The raccoon has visited the kitty’s backyard. He arrived hunting for food, but instead found two black kittens. The two stray in Eryn’s backyard were also hungry, so the three of them banded together to gain Eryn’s attention. We can feel the love in here between them and they still support each other even they are hungry.

Every day, the same thing happened. Unfortunately, the raccoon died in 2015. Eryn adopted the kittens since they were heartbroken to lose their friends. It was for the best, because she had recently lost a 15-year-old cat.

(h/t: tweecat)

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Watch the video here:


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