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Brave Kitten Siblings Fight Their Way Out Of Taped Box

Today’s story will melt your heart straight away and also be a huge alarm for the depraved humanity in this world.

More info: Instagram (h/t: animalchannel)


Nina and Anthony were on the way to visit the dentist. All of a sudden, they came across a suspiciously moving taped box. The couple braked the engine and started to investigate the circumstance. There was a tiny kitten in an orange Tide Pods cardboard, and the sticky duct tape was partially detached. The couple came to the revelation that someone must have put the underaged cat into the box and left it alone. Then Nina also saw another kitty was standing behind the garbage can.


Being surprised at figuring out the former owner’s cruel motive, Nina pitifully shed tears. They gently picked the poor kitten out of the box and they scooped two of them in the car for safety. However, something was telling Nina to look around if more kittens had escaped. The woman’s hunch was accurate. She also found another kitten wobbling around the area in a severe state. The couple headed over to the nearest shelter to rescue three little furballs instead of opting for the dental clinic.


Luckily, all was well. The vet merrily said they were all in a healthy condition. Nevertheless, there was not enough room for the kittens to stay in, so the couple had to bring them home to temporarily foster. During the driving time, Anthony was worried about Nina’s allergy: cats. But brave Nina turned down for abandoning those cute kittens regardless of her own problem. The life-saving couple started to post some photos of three little ones on Facebook, hoping someone could give them a hand.


Thanks to the power of social media, Dani The Cat Lady, a local cat rescuer at Kneady Kitty Rescue, saw the post. She offered the couple to embrace all of them in the shelter for better care. When Dani received the cats in the evening, she was in awe of how malnourished and underweight they were.

“These kittens are SEVERELY underweight. They are about 4 weeks old and only weigh 9.1,9.1, and 9.6 ounces. That’s about as much as a two-week-old kitten, so they went some time without their mom and food.” – Dani shared on Instagram.

Finally, the duct tape trio was happily growing up full of food, water, and love. They became friendly and playful after the recovery. They would have been left for dead on the side of the road if the kind-hearted couple didn’t stop to check out the box. Humanity is free, but in more than 7 billion people, we do not know who is kind or unkind. Those deeds should be done and shown, so we can feel more compassion over the poor animals. The story also encourages us to rescue and adopt cats instead of purchasing them, because those stray kitties out there are craving for affection desperately.


After three kittens were saved from the taped box, Dani The Cat Lady also rescued another litter of six kittens. Under Dani’s wing, those cats have no more fear but only joy and love. Thank you Nina, Anthony, and Dani, kindness is still around us. If you can’t find a kind person, be one!


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