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British Man Attached A Tiny Bluetooth Camera To His Kitten’s Collar For 24 Hours To See What His Cat’s Secret Life Looks Like

I think we can all agree that every kitty is a natural explorer. They enjoy wandering around, whether outside or inside the house, but you can always count on them to return after their day’s adventure is through. You’d think that letting cats out of the house would result in them running around, visiting neighboring roofs, or causing stress to the unfortunate birds or mice. Cats, on the other hand, are constantly full of surprises, and we can use modern technology to uncover their small secrets.

Half-Asleep Chris, a British blogger and fellow cat owner, did just that. He decided to put a mini-camera to his cat’s collar to see what his cats Bella and Ralph were up to in order to figure out what they were up to.

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Half-Asleep, a British vlogger To disclose his secret existence, Chris decided on attach a tiny bluetooth-enabled camera to his cat Ralph’s collar


Chris was contacted and we were curious to learn more about his video concept.

“Cats usually appear to be concealing something! Ralph spent significant periods of time mysteriously away at my old house (where he wandered outside), so I installed a GPS tracker on his collar. It revealed that he was out and about in the neighborhood, but not what he was up to. I wanted to put a camera on him at the time, but couldn’t because of my neighbors’ privacy, but now that we’ve moved and he’s an indoor cat, it seemed like the perfect opportunity. Plus, he’s still keeping something hidden!”

We can view what the world appears like from Ralph’s perspective thanks to the small camera.


We also wanted to know what Ralph’s personality was like because he is such a unique cat.

“Ralph is a wonderful cat—adoring, cuddling, and quite loud. That said, he can be a recluse who spends a lot of time downstairs alone, likely scheming world dominance or something.”

We realized Ralph wasn’t the only cat in the house, so we asked Chris to fill us in about Ralph’s older sister Bella.

“Bella is 12 years old and has lived with my girlfriend as an only cat for the past ten years. And she enjoyed that way of life, so moving in with Ralph took some getting used to. I wouldn’t call them friends even a year later. Ralph aspires to be, but Bella is content to tolerate him at best. She’s generally grouchy, yet she can sometimes be really lovely and affectionate (to humans, NOT Ralph).

The concept, on the other hand, was conceived first. Around a year ago, Ralph was gone for 24 hours. Ralph’s owners had moved out by then, and he and his sister Bella became house cats


Ralph’s owners had moved out and Ralph had become a house cat, as we previously stated. We were curious about Ralph’s adjustment to life as a house cat.

“Ralph did a fantastic job adjusting to life as a housecat—I think having Bella around helped him focus on something else. Ralph, on the other hand, spends a lot of time on windowsills and at the back door, peering wistfully outside, so I’m currently making him a large catio as a result of the camera.”

Even if his cat was living in the house, that didn’t stop Chris from wanting to know what it was up to


“Ralph is a friendly cat, but can Bella be said to be the same?”

Ralph adores Bella, but it’s an unrequited love. He tries to sleep next to her or play with her all the time, but she refuses.He is, however, tenacious, and this results in him being smacked on the head on occasion.”

We wanted to know what Chris thought about Ralph’s adventure story, which was seen by a lot of people all over the world and even went viral.

“Don’t trust cats, they’re secretly plotting our downfall. But seriously, cats have this whole other secret side to their lives that we don’t get to see, it’s so fascinating! ”

He filmed his cat for 24 hours whilst changing and charging the mini bluetooth cameras and he went as far as to set up secret night-vision cameras as well


Because the black fur ball is so unique, we asked his owner if he had any interesting facts or stories to share.

“Both cats are now screen-obsessed! I showed them a video of birds in the garden on my TV (as part of a feline IQ test), and now whenever the TV or my laptop is turned on and visible, Bella rushes over to watch intently or attack my screen.”

Finally, we wanted to know what Chris thought was his favorite aspect of Ralph.

“My favorite aspect of Ralph is his friendliness. Despite his grumpiness, Bella is never discouraged and he is always willing to try again. He’s a colossal ball of fluff and joy.”

Chris stated that witnessing everything through Ralph’s eyes was both intriguing and entertaining


Finally, he decided to build Ralph a catio because his cat yearned to be outside


Chris explained in his video that the neighborhood they were living in wasn’t safe enough for Ralph to roam around, so he had no choice but to keep his cat at home.

Ralph spent so much time looking out the back door and into the garden that Chris thought the best thing he could do for the time being was to build Ralph his own catio where he could view birds and feel like he was outside.

Ralph’s owner also discovered that Ralph enjoyed sneaking a bite out of his houseplants, so he decided to grow some cat plants as well


Chris stated that once he finishes building Ralph’s new catio, he plans to film another video depicting Ralph and his exploits


You may see the entire video showing Ralph’s travels by clicking here


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