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Cat Abandoned For Being ‘Too Ugly’, Finally Finds Someone Who Saw His Beauty

Romeo, the ginger kitten, was born with a birth defect that makes him stand out from other cats. That’s why he’s never known love or tenderness, much less had someone to refer to as his owner. No one wanted Romeo because he was deemed “too ugly.” The rescue kitten had the most difficult time finding a forever home. Many potential adopters who came across him turned him down. He was passed over because of his appearance. After such a lengthy wait, Romeo appeared to have grown accustomed to the prospect of never having a home of his own. Until today, when the wonderful people at Santuario Compasión Animal in Spain stepped in and offered this sweet feline a chance to love and be loved! As a result, the cat’s life began to take a much brighter turn.

“They said no one wanted him because he was unattractive. But Romeo isn’t unattractive to us; he’s a sweet little kitten who enjoys playing with the other cats. And it is their peculiarities that distinguish them.” A Santuario Compasión Animal spokesperson told us.

And throughout it all, the ginger guy was just like any other cat – lively, cuddly, and completely adorable. All it needed was for a few kind individuals to see it in him. They welcomed him with wide arms into their lovely refuge. Romeo is savoring every moment of his new existence.

Despite his appearance, Romeo is a sweet and beautiful child on the inside. He enjoys cuddles and attention, and is glad for a comfortable home, good food, and humans who accept him for who he is.

What do you think about Romeo and his story? Please comment below to share your thought and let us know if you have the same story.

More info: Compasión Animal | Facebook (h/t: boredpanda)

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No one wanted Romeo, the ginger kitten born with a disability that makes him look odd


The cat had never known love or kindness, nor had he known who he could call his owner. He was dubbed “too ugly”…


Until one day Santuario Compasión Animal rescued him because they saw the beauty in him


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See how with a little bit of love, Romeo’s life changed forever:

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