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Cat Interrupts German Weather Broadcast And Demands Cuddles

Whenever your majestic needs attention at the wrong time, well, you’d better please them before they are giving you more meows. Lupin is a demanding kitty who likes to invade her owner’s working space, especially when the weatherman Joerg Kachelmann just started in his first 2 minutes onto the set in the middle of a prime-time broadcast.

(h/t: purrtacular)

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As the following video, when he was focusing on telling people about the weather forecast, a weird jiggling thing appeared. That was Lupin’s tail!

In the emergency of needing attention and cuddles, Kachelmann gently picked her up and continued his set. Lupin was also curious about today’s weather like others that’s why she wanted to get closer to the screen. And all the audience of course really enjoyed the whole weather report with the main character Lupin the cat! The man was so calm and professional, he was still successfully killed it!

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Watch the video here:

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