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Cat Looks After Baby Lynx Rejected By Her Mother

Animals are formed in various shapes and sizes, from a tiny ant to a gigantic whale, but there is one thing they always crave for: motherly love. And who doesn’t want affection from their mother? Sadly, animals are suffering from being apart from the family or being abandoned when they are just a newborn. Generally, when a baby animal is born, milk and love are two vital things they need for developing their body and mind. But at Novosibirsk Zoo in Novosibirsk, Russia, there was a poor baby lynx named Nika who lacked two of them.

(h/t: pawsplanet)

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Nika was surviving alone without her biological mother in the zoo. Knowing that she was in need of affection, one of the zookeepers brought a female cat into Nika’s cage, hoping something miraculous would happen. And it did.

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Being a surrogate mother for a lynx when she just had given birth to a litter of kittens not too long ago, the kitty didn’t hesitate to arise herself a material’s instinct. The mommy cat started grooming her ‘adoptive’ kid, all the workers were thrilled. Those sweet photos and an incredibly heart-melting video below will speak themselves about how wonderful the existence of love is!

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Check out this adorable footage here:


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