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Cat Named Alex Goes Missing, Then Comes Back Dragging His Hind Legs

As she does every evening, a lady let her beloved cat out one night. After a stroll around the neighborhood, the lovely cat returns home, but it wasn’t returned for a while that night. Worried, the woman searched the area for the missing cat, but it was nowhere to be seen. Imagine her amazement when Alex returned home four days later, his legs dragging behind him.

Alex was taken in by Amber Smith when he was just 7 weeks old. The cat became a member of their family two years later. When Alex went gone, she was devastated. Her boyfriend and she searched the neighborhood for him and called his name. Alex, on the other hand, was still missing.

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Amber’s boyfriend was getting ready to walk their 12-year-old Labrador four days later. While preparing, he casually peeked out the window and saw Alex standing on his front legs! Shocked, he gently lifted the cat off the ground and placed it on the sofa.

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Alex, it turned out, was not in any discomfort. He must have dragged himself a long way because the fur on his hind legs was scraped. He was also exceedingly frail, with no control over his bladder. The cat ate and went sleeping, clearly exhausted.

They took him to the vet in the morning. Surprisingly, the cat’s spine had a gunshot lodged in it! The only choice was to remove the bullet, but the surgery and subsequent rehabilitation would have been extremely expensive. Amber opted to euthanize the cat because she didn’t have that type of money. She sat for hours stroking his fur and bonding with her pet. That night, Alex was euthanized and buried in a nearby yard.

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Police are looking into this strange case but haven’t found any leads yet. Amber is baffled as to why someone would harm Alex, who was so nice and sweet. She and her boyfriend are offering a prize to anyone who will help them find the criminal. We hope that this peculiar case is solved soon so Amber and her family can move on with their lives.


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