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Cat Nurses Six Baby Skunks Abandoned By Their Mama

Before judging how dangerous and stinky the skunks are, let’s take a deep look at the maternal side. These 6 little skunks were actually abandoned by their mother. Luckily, there was a farmer who spotted them when they were only 1 week old and he brought 6 of them to his barn feline. The mommy kitty had finished weaning her kittens not too long ago, so the farmer was hoping the cat’s motherly instinct would kick in and she would accept those skunks as her own kids.

(h/t: tweetcat)

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At first, a surrogate mom seemed baffled and she didn’t know who they were, thus, they didn’t smell ‘kitty’ at all. But then after a while, she knew she was the one who could save these little poor babies, so she nursed them.

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The best part is here, fellows. After two weeks, the skunky stinky gang was healthy and very active, thanks to the barn cat’s precious nutrition. She devotedly cherished the baby skunks, she even carried them around to show to the visitors! When the farmer felt those omnivores could fend themselves enough, he released them back to the wild.

Skunks are very dangerous for pets because they can carry and transmit viruses, cause so many serious diseases, even death. Especially the spray from their anal glands, which is unpleasant and poisonous. In fact, a skunk only releases the spray when they are frightened. However, in this story, they were still small and helpless so there was no harm for the mommy cat.


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