Cat Patios, Known As Catios, Are The New Way To Let Your Cat Explore Outside Without Danger (30+ Pics)

Cats sure have a lot of energy (even though they don’t usually show it in front of us), they have a curious nature and love to explore and roam around, so it is understandable that sometimes we might find it difficult to keep them stay still. Letting them outside without a guard is dangerous since roaming might get them lost from home, being attacked by predators like coyotes, foxes,… or got hit by a vehicle. The best solution is to have a safe area where they can still explore the outside world but within our watch and protection. Well, it’s time to build a cat patio

Cat patio (Catio) is a cat enclosure or “cat patio” that provides a safe setting for your cat, which is usually built outdoors, however, it can also be constructed indoors if your house does not have spare outdoor spaces. Catio has become more well-recognized since the Seattle-based business Catio Spaces led the trend in recent years. They’ve designed downloadable designs that are simple to construct with common household items and may be placed next to a window, on a deck, or in the backyard.

Many people are setting up a cat patio for their furry friend, no setup is similar, but all look super impressive! Have a look at these catios and remember to vote up for your favorite one!

More info: Website | Facebook (h/t: boredpanda)

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Cynthia Chomos - an avid cat lover, founded Catio Spaces. She established the business to address the need for safety for cats by building outdoor enclosures that are both safe and visually appealing.


"The inspiration behind Catio Spaces is my tabby cat, Serena, who I adopted after the loss of my beloved 22-year-old cat, '' Cynthia said. "Being a nature lover, I wanted her to enjoy the stimulation of the outdoors while protected from a variety of outdoor hazards. I transformed my backyard patio into a catio and created a space we could both enjoy with a water fountain, seating, shelves, and cat-safe plants." 


"While lounging in it one day with Serena curled up on my lap, I had a flash of inspiration to start Catio Spaces and combine my feng shui expertise and love of design, nature, and cats. One thing led to another (Serena has 4 catios and is my “quality assurance” expert), and I design custom catios, DIY catio plans and help cat parents from all over the world solve their indoor/outdoor dilemma."  


It’s been 6 years in Catio Spaces was founded, "In the future, I envision continuing to create DIY Plans, design custom catios, speaking engagements and expand my relationships with animal welfare organizations, veterinarians, and cat behaviorists to educate cat parents on the many benefits of catios, Cynthia said. "As one of the founding organizers of Catio Tour Seattle, I will continue to support catio tours in other cities as catios are becoming a popular trend throughout the U.S. and Canada."


So it looks like the catio is here to stay! Think about building your cat one now?

Make sure to check out “Serena’s Garden Getaways” and follow her happy tail on a video tour of her 4 catios!


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