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Cat Returns Home After Owner Posts Missing Signs Calling Her A ‘Jerk’

A missing cat brings a lot of breakdowns to every cat owner. Sometimes they will never come back which makes us worried sick about them. This case happened to North Carolina makeup artist Mary Irwin but with a funny noteworthy missing sign.

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The woman’s cat Babou went missing for almost a week and the family didn’t see any of her signals. Like other cat owners, she made signs to find a cat and put them all around the neighborhood Charlotte neighborhood of Ballantyne, hoping Babou the cat would come back.

In the sign, there were some photos of Babou and a physical description that precisely depicted her personality.

The signs went viral because she called her missing kitty “She’s kind of a jerk” and tons of people kept asking about the reason. People thought it would hurt the cat’s feelings.

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“She knows how she is supposed to behave but she likes to see what she can get away with. She has a scratching post but if she’s mad at us, she’ll wait until we’re looking at her, then she’ll walk over to the couch and stick out one paw and run it slowly down the side of the couch. Like a teenager.” – explained Irwin.

The cat owner admitted that Babou was sassy, only accepted to cuddle within 2.5 seconds then left. Although her feline’s bold personality, Irwin still loves the cat with all her heart and still wants the reunion will happen soon.

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“I had just gotten off the phone with a Canadian radio show talking about her and was talking to a friend on the other line — heard a scream from the other room and then my husband saying “WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN???” – Irwin said.

“And lo and behold, there she was, walking through the front door 5 days after going missing, totally soaked and a few pounds thinner but safe.”

Good gracious! The cat came back home, maybe the reunion would appear only 2.5 seconds?


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