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Cat Walks Into Malaysian University Classroom, Fell Asleep Due To Boring Lecture

Raise your hand if you have once fallen asleep during the university lecture, especially in the morning! While our friends are focusing on studying, we might just want to take a tiny nap to get away from boredom. This 21-year-old Malaysian student Nur Elynna Binti Mohammad Shaharul Hashri from the International Islamic University captured the moment when a chubby cat was shamelessly sleeping in the middle of the lecture on the desk, right in front of her.

At the first 30 minutes, the cat seemed to be a knowledge hunger but after that all the effort fell off the ground, left the kitty sleeping peacefully in the class. Her tweet received a lot of people who felt the same as the cat. Sounds relatable!

It was said the cat belonged to the university’s campus who liked to wander around, and now this furball visited Hashri ‘s class on behalf of a heavy sleeper!

(h/t: boredpanda)

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A student from a university in Malaysia tweeted a picture of a cat attending a lecture… 

Soon the grey chubby cat unapologetically fell asleep…

The Internet went crazy, saying that she did the most relatable thing ever!

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Oh, cat. We can’t blame you… We know how boring uni lectures get


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