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Cat With Heterochromia And Extra Toes Was Neglected And Abandoned By Previous Owners, Now Is An Instagram Star (30 Pics)

If anyone has a plan to adopt a pet, don’t hesitate to rush to the shelter, because your destined companion is waiting for you. It happened with Karen when she found a gem inside an almost empty cage from an adoption event at a Petco in Manhattan. There was a neglected cat who had heterochromia, polydactyly, and suffered from the anxiety that Karen loved at first sight. Karen and her husband Jack brought the poor cat home with the hope of helping her out of the past. Now, the white kitty with her unique features is taking over Instagram, besides that she also is a spoiled queen of Karen’s home.

Say hi to Sansa!

More info: Instagram (h/t: boredpanda)

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Sansa was abandoned when she was only 1.5 years old, an age of needing extra love and nutrition from the owner. Unfortunately, the previous owner gave Sansa no choice but to be neglected and she was surrendered in New York's shelter. Then, Karen and Jack went to a pet adoption event, the connection between Sansa and Karen started blooming. They adopted Sansa in July 2016, which means Sansa is about 7 years old by the end of 2021. Karen noticed a sign in front of the cage about this little creature, it said the cat had really bad anxiety. Karen related this cat to her own life which she also suffered from anxiety, so she knew Sansa was the one. But the odd kitty's problem was not ended up with only anxiety, she also had feline hyperesthesia, a type of seizure disorder that can cause episodes of agitation and even self-harm.


Karen found out Sansa's appearance was quirk as well. She has 2 different-colored eyes which is called heterochromia. The front paws have 6 toe beans per each, and the back ones have 4 and 5. She appeared very different from other cats and that was the reason why Karen loved her to bits. 

The couple revealed that she was too scared of people when she first came home, it took a lot of time for her to adapt.

“She was extremely fearful and timid at the start - whenever one of us opened the front door, she would bolt and flee into the closet or behind the TV console. She started to trust us after a few months and slowly started chilling closer and closer to us.” - Karen said.


So what she has been improving lately? The family was so happy to see Sansa started to open up day by day, bit by bit. Dealing with anxiety is not easy at all, you should let your kitty acclimate themselves to the new environment. Karen once was touched by the way Sansa started to trust her.

“She started off by placing a paw on my leg. A few days later, she would get more comfortable and place her head on my leg. When she eventually found the courage to sit on my lap the first time, I literally cried!” - The owner said.


Sansa is a beautiful and loving cat now although she is still anxious. Karen decided to create an Instagram account for her lovely companion who had been suffering from a lot of bad things. This strong girl receives a lot of compliments every day on her social media. 

“She is still jumpy and gets scared by thunderstorms, unexpected loud sounds, dogs barking outside, etc. She will creep away and hide in a dark corner. Whenever we need to take her to the vet, she completely shuts down in her carrier and we can feel her body shivering. She has come so far though!” - said Karen.


Karen the owner shared a bit about her daily life with the world. Sansa is quite more audacious and 'meownipulating' when she is at home with her human parents. 

“When she’s hungry and wants to be fed every evening, she will make sure to lay herself stretched out right in the middle of the hallway to block our way to the kitchen, staring at her empty food bowl,” the owner revealed. “In the morning when she wants breakfast, she’ll meow nonstop and if we don’t wake up, she’ll jump on our nightstands and start knocking objects off one by one till we wake up!” - The owner happily exposed.


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