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Cat With The Grumpiest Face Makes Everyone At Shelter Fall In Love With Him

Saul the ginger floof, who is also known as Grumpy Cat 2.0, had a severe accident years ago.

The cat was found injured and distressful, roaming around the street with hopelessness. No one could barely notice him with an open heart. Luckily, there was a man who spotted him was thriving out of the predicament but got no chance, so he decided to step in and help the poor cat. By the time an animal collection officer appeared to scoop the cat to the RSPCA’s Putney Animal Hospital, a Samaritan had contacted the RSPCA immediately.

(h/t: thedodo)

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When Saul was in the hospital, the staff were about to give up on him because of his irredeemable state. Caroline Allen, London veterinary director for the RSPCA was in charge of Saul, narrated how bad the situation of Saul was in.

“He was in a very sorry state … and had discharge coming from his eyes and nose and looked very poorly indeed. We believe he was involved in a road traffic accident as we found he had injured his jaw, teeth, and one eye.”

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Everyone was on the same page that the cat could have come over the Rainbow Bridge due to his illness and accident, but he didn’t. Thanks to the effort and hope of all the staff, Saul was gradually healed. He began to put on weight and appearance. However, his improving outlook was oddly prominent: the face was always grumpy and displeased!

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There were some hypotheses about his forever-judging facial expression: maybe it was because of the traumatic past that caused to change in the facial structure, or maybe it was how he was naturally born with.

“Despite his constant scowl, Saul’s actually really sweet and friendly.” – Allen said.

“He’s recovering really well from his injuries and we hope he will soon be ready to move to our cattery at Southall to find a new home as we don’t rehome directly from the hospital.” – She reassured.

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Turns out, people find it hard to understand Saul’s inward emotions because of his outward grumpiness. But no matter how he looks, they are melted by Saul’s loving personality. Normally, when you earn enough trust and love from a stray cat who already had traumas, they will give you back ten-fold affection. Saul was also in this case. He knew that the staff in the RSPCA’s Putney Animal Hospital had helped him, so he started to expose his affection.

Saul’s recovery made their day. They had fallen in love with his crabby expression as well as personas. Most people predicted his future owners would fall in love with Saul shortly, too.

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“We’re sure someone will fall in love with this glum-looking puss.” – Allen was confident about it.

“In fact, we think he could be a bit of a star. We’re sure he’d give Grumpy Cat a run for his money — that’s why we’re affectionately nicknaming him Grumpy Cat 2.0!” – She concluded.


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