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Cats Get Caught Pretending To Be Humans, React Synchronically

Believe me, these upcoming photos will surprise you. Cats are planning something about this world. These felines are up to something, humans. Steak600g, a Japanese Twitter user, recently posted a photo of three cats standing on their two feet, looking strikingly human-like. Even scarier, when they were discovered in the act, they reacted in perfect unison.

Were they trying to be like us? Are you keeping an eye on us? Or were they planning to end human enslavement and take over the entire world? Unfortunately (or Thank God! ), these are the questions to which we have yet to find answers. But these kittens are still too adorable to bear, right?

What got three cats to stand so precisely together is a mystery, but Japanese internet users were quick to give hypotheses and fawn over the cuteness. The cats appear to be performing a musical number in the animated gif. Maybe they’ve escaped from a Disney movie? If that’s the case, keep children away, I don’t know maybe besides this cuteness, they can do something like human.

More info: TumblrTwitter (h/t: boredpanda)

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Can anyone explain what is happening here?


Seriously, what are they plotting?! Anyone?



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