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Cats In Hats Made From Their Own Hair

Just when you thought cute kittens couldn’t get much cuter, here are some cats wearing hats created from their own hair!

While neither hats nor cats are very novel, the combination is so hysterically adorable and strange at the same time that we couldn’t help but share it. Ryo Yamazaki, a Japanese photographer, and his three Scottish fold cats, 8-year-old Nyaa (tabby), 6-year-old Mar (white), and a 1-year-old Wheat, are the masterminds behind this cat hair manufacturing idea (brown tiger). For some, cat shedding is a major annoyance, but Ryo discovered the ideal solution to make use of his cat’s fur and have some fun with it. He’s created not only traditional style cat hats, but also a wig-like thing that looks uncannily like Mr. President’s coiffure.

Scroll down to see the brilliant idea for where to put the hairs remaining after a full cat grooming; an added plus is that these comical cats look so serious in their hats, which just adds to the comedy. Don’t forget to vote for your favorite photos and share this to your friends and family, maybe this excellent idea will be a new activity for your own pet.

More info: Instagram (h/t: boredpanda)

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