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Cats Vs Dogs: 6 Differences Illustrated By Bird Born

Cats and dogs are the most debatable topic for pet lovers, they point out a lot of why cats are better or dogs are better to live with. There’s also a 40 explosive tweets about cat person versus dog person that you might want to get involved in.

Speaking about the appearance as well as the basic characteristics, we all know that cats are likely to desperate themselves with the world, charming outlook, soft fur, weird facial expressions, can be unbearably lovely yet the secretive descendant of demon. How about dogs? We give dogs a lot of great compliments about them such as: friendly, trustworthy, empathic, loyal, too good to be true. Besides, they are goofy and mischievous as well.

This endless fight between dogs and cats for the better, a Moscow-based artist under the name Bird Born hilariously added more fuel to the fire. He decided to show six big differences between our beloved four-legged friends. In this illustration, the cat is depicted a little on the dark side, but we can’t judge him! People who own a cat will definitely feel him.

No matter how hard you try to convince the world that dogs or cats are better, we should equally appreciate their presence and they need our love too!

More info: | Facebook | Instagram (h/t: designyoutrust)

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