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Chinese Artist Creates Human Version Of Cats And Dogs, And The Result Is On Point (22 Pics)

Cats and dogs are always adorable. Each of them has a different and unique appearance that we can see. Every person will have their own way to enjoy that cuteness and some of people are inspired of that beauty then they could make it happen in another version, especially for an artist. We have a special surprise for you today if you like beautiful felines (and dogs!) or traditional Chinese artwork. This is an amazing combination between these lovely animals and artwork to bring the viewers a new look in this incredible world that we could imagine.

Xuedaixun is a Chinese manhua artist who creates beautiful works of art. But when she’s not drawing, the artist enjoys reimagining cats and dogs as humans, which creates many cool painting about cat and dog in a person comic.

The artist’s painting is incredibly lovely and properly depicts the emotion and pose of the animals. On DeviantArt, the Chinese artist Xuedaixun has a large collection loaded with remarkable works of art, including photographs of lovely cats and dogs transformed into characters often featured in Chinese comics known as manhua.

Each image is a precisely produced duplicate of the original, capturing the same atmosphere, stance, and colors.

All you have to do now is scroll down to view them for yourself!

More info: | Weibo (h/t: boredpanda)

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