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Cute Video Shows Lion Dad Meeting His New Baby Cub For The First Time

The Denver Zoo in the United States published a lovely video of a lion father meeting his kid for the first time. The video instantly went viral and gained a lot of attention on the internet. It is such a beautiful love of animals and these moments are priceless, I believe you will feel happy when you look at this. Please scroll down below to watch this story and don’t forget to share with your friends or family.

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The boy cub was born on July 25 and has exclusively spent time with his mother, Neliah, according to the Denver Zoo‘s website. He was allowed to meet the family once everything was in order. Finally, the family members may meet, and the first meeting between the two generations is priceless!


The lion cub was playing around in his enclosure when his father Tobias strolled in, as you can see in the video. The Internet went crazy at the large lion dad’s actions towards his small bean of a youngster as he crouched down to interact. People are enthralled by their interaction and compliment the father on his soft demeanor.


“He’s spent the last two months bonding behind the scenes at Predator Ridge at Denver Zoo with his mom (Neliah), dad (Tobias), and half-sister (Kamara), and will shortly make his big public debut in one of the outdoor habitats,” Jake Kubié, the director of communications, announced. “He’s everything a lion cub should be: active, interested, and energetic!”


The public’s reaction to the cute cub has Jake saying, “Everyone is really excited and anxious to give him a visit once he makes his public debut.”

Watch the video here:

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