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Cyclist Saves A Lost Kitten By Tucking Him In His Shirt, The Cat Can’t Stop Kissing Him

A Brazilian cyclist Viitor Fonseca saw a skinny orphaned kitty by chance when he was on a ride on his bike who was in need for help. The poor itty-bitty tabby kitten was found alone in the forest and the cyclist knew that if he let him be, he would have met danger and no one would help the cat.

More info: Facebook (h/t: boredpanda)

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Having nothing to place him for the safety, he decided to tuck the baby cat in the his cycling shirt which had the zipper for the cat easily settled down. 6.2 miles ahead to get home but the kitty didn’t seem to feel uncomfortable with where he was in. In fact, the cat loved to be snuggled in the shirt and his savior. He kept kissing and licking Viitor’s chin and neck to show how thankful he was.

“Saving a little life today,” Viitor shared on Facebook.

“I’m glad that he liked me and was not clawing me.”

“All he did was play.” – He concluded.

At the end of the road, he has finally found a forever home for this kitty. The heartwarming video which went viral and a cat are the most memorable thing for him to remember.

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Brazilian cyclist Viitor Fonseca was out for a ride on his bike when he saved a tiny lost kitten


While the man was bringing him to safety, the kitty thanked him with kisses


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Watch the video here:

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