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Family Of Pets Are Totally Obsessed With Their Baby Brother, And Watch Over Every Step He Takes

Kids and pets are the most inseparable collaboration ever because they love to play together, they are both emotional and curious about the world. Some of animal members’ reactions below of Kasey Boggs family will melt your heart!

By the time Kasey came home with a newborn baby named Sonny in her arms, all of her pets were so excited and they greeted a new human brother with the warmest welcome.

“When we brought Sonny home, I felt like they were expecting him.”

“From the minute we have brought Sonny home, they have respected him and showed him their animal love as to one of their own.”

But every pet has their particular way of showing love to Sonny the baby boy. A tabby kitty Mia never steps away from Sonny in order to protect this little brother. Meanwhile, Roxy enjoys taking a nap with the baby and Kasey revealed that Roxy was the very first pet who had been through with the family from the beginning.

“I think Sonny has impacted Roxy the most out of all his animal friends.” – Boggs said.

“[She] has experienced a lot of big milestones with me, right by my side. She knows how important this one is and really shows that.”

Two other canines Edith and Rosie are on the duty of being the cry patrols, never let Sonny cry by their cuteness and goofiness. On the other hand, the only male dog in the animal family, Jake, who is always up to check Sonny’s nappy process and he sees himself as the baby’s big brother.

“They understand how gentle they have to be around our tiny baby and their affection is the epitome of what every child should grow up surrounded with.”- Kasey said.

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When Kasey Boggs came home from a hospital with a baby, she received the warmest welcome from her pets


“When we brought Sonny home, I felt like they were expecting him”


“They have respected him and loved him as one of their own”


Each of the pets have their own unique way of demonstrating the affection towards their human sibling


Mia the cat is always at a short distance from Sonny and likes to make sure he’s safe


Roxy, the first dog the family adopted loves to take naps with his human brother


Edith and Rosie the pooches are on constant cry patrol


Whereas Jake, who is the only male in the pack (apart from Sonny), sees himself in a role of a big brother…


And he is irreplaceable when it comes to assisting the diaper-changing mission


“They understand how gentle they have to be…”


“And their affection is the epitome of what every child should grow up surrounded with”



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