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Fat Dad Cat Kept Eating More Than His Share, So His Owners Came Up With A Genius Solution

Parents should always be the role model of their children, but sometimes they are fed up with the responsibilities and get loose once in a while. Meatball – a father of three, needs a little adjustment on his manners. Ever since his babies were grown enough to be fed with solid foods – the types of food Meatball usually eats, he took it as an invite to eat more than he should – all at the expense of his children and his purrfect body shape.

Meatball and his furry family live in Hong Kong with their two humans, Daphnie and her husband Koon Wah. When the human couple saw that Meatball was munching more food than his usual portion, which he took from his children and gaining weight, they were worried that some children might pick up this behavior of his. Unfortunately, they started to see Meatball’s daughter – Pepper started following her father’s bad habits, and that’s when they stepped in.

“Koon Wah built partitions to separate them during meal times,” Daphnie said. “We also had some fabric from some sake wine we bought in Japan and I sewed these to the front of each partition,” she said.

“It has helped a little in terms of separating them during meal times but in terms of weight control, Meatball and Pepper are still a little overweight and the chubbier out of the four cats,” Daphnie said. Well, at least they’re on the right path.

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Meet Meatball, the chubby dad cat who needs a little bit of help keeping up with good manners


Meatball, his partner Mochi, and their adorable feline kids Nugget, Pepper ,and Bunny live in Hong Kong


Meatball has a bad habit of eating all of his kid’s food, which makes him strangely chubby


Then, his owner came up with a brilliant idea – to set up partitions so that Meatball doesn’t get to overeat


“We also had some fabric from some sake wine… and I sewed these to the front of each partition”


“It has helped a little in terms of separating them during meal times…”


“But in terms of weight control, Meatball [is] still overweight and the chubbiest out of the five cats”


Well, at least you’re on the right path now, buddy!


Let’s all hope that Meatball can give up the bad habit and be the dad his kids are proud of! What do you think? Leave a comment down below and let Gidypet know!


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