This little cutie climbed up on me while I applied to adopt her (6/50)

Kelsey from the Arizona Humane Society said that adoption doesn’t just add a furry friend to your family; it also supports your local animal shelters in their mission to save lives.

“When looking to adopt a pet, it is extremely important to do your research about not only the type of pet you’d like but also the care and needs of that particular pet. Many shelters and rescues are very open and transparent about a pet’s medical and behavioral background, so it is important to fully understand what a pet will need to ensure it has the best quality of life with your family. If you have questions about a pet’s history or the care it will need moving forward, do not be shy to ask the adoption’s counselors or employees helping you with the adoption process,” she explained.

Colby = biggest love muffin ever. All he wants is pets. …But people are usually afraid of him. So, he’ll just stare at you in adoration until you pet him. Rescue doggo (5/50)

Sugar the kitten loved spca staff member Glenn so much and she would always cry for his attention. So, he had to take her home (7/50)