Albert’s reaction to being broken out of the shelter….. He could not stop smiling (8/50)

Kelsey added that it’s vital to be realistic about what you can provide your future best buddy “in terms of resources, space, time, and any ongoing medical or behavioral care it may need.” So a husky puppy will need completely different care from a fully-grown cat. And a rabbit will have different needs from a guinea pig.

“At the end of the day, it is OK if you decide you are not ready to commit to adopting. There are many different ways you can still support your local rescues and shelters and help save the lives of pets that don’t directly involve adopting including volunteering, fostering, becoming a donor, and advocating for strong animal protection laws.”

Sugar the kitten loved spca staff member Glenn so much and she would always cry for his attention. So, he had to take her home (7/50)

Charlie before and after his adoption (9/50)