We’ve adopted an idiot. A dramatic idiot (11/50)

Meanwhile, Kelly DiCicco, the ASPCA’s Adoptions Promotions Manager, explained that sometimes pairings between shelter pets and new owners don’t work out, which is fine.

“We encourage any pet owner looking to rehome an animal to first reach out to their local animal shelter, who can often provide assistance to enable the pet to stay in a safe and loving home,” DiCicco said.

“Even as they adapt their policies in response to COVID-19, animal welfare organizations are still following effective protocols to ensure pets match their adopters’ lifestyles and can stay with their owners, even when those owners return to a post-pandemic schedule.”

My friend adopted this cutie (10/50)

This is my first ever pet that’s all mine! Not my brothers. Not my parents. Not my kids. Now my (now ex) husband. All mine! Y’all meet Cordelia Rose. A rescue that’s stolen my heart! (12/50)