This Is Peanut! I Found Him Caught In A Rat Trap And Knew He Had To Have A Second Chance (37/50)

I was working in a restaurant when a few of my coworkers were talking about a kitten stuck in one of the rat traps outside. Everyone, including me, thought he had been dead for quite some time. Out of curiosity, I nudged his little feet and he kicked his paws!

It took a few minutes to wiggle him free, and when he opened his mouth to meow at me, his tongue was absolutely covered in rat poison.

I rushed him to our local vet, and thankfully there was an easy solution to his poisoning! My roommate and I paid out of pocket to cover his bill and took him home to rest and recover. Even though he had been through a lot, he wasn’t shy. He crawled into my lap wanting to be petted and held. He meowed and ate without hesitation. I took that as a good sign that he would be just fine. He seemed like he would make the perfect pet for anyone who adores cats.

Sadly, we couldn’t keep him. We have three dogs and not enough room for another animal. But in only just a few days, we found Peanut a new home with a very loving couple and their cat!

Now he has blossomed into a gorgeous kitty who loves attention and his parents! Every now and then, we get updates on the little guy and last I’ve heard, he’s now a dad! I’m so thankful they were able to take him in. I know they’re giving him the best life possible:)

For everyone concerned about Peanut, his litter was unintentional but it was a happy accident to his parents. They kept one and the rest found sweet homes. All animals in the house are now fixed! Thank you for being concerned! And thank you all for getting your fur babies spayed/ neutered!

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