Adopted Pit Can’t Stop Hugging His New Owner (2/60)

Kelly DiCicco, Manager, Adoptions Promotions at the ASPCA Adoption Center said that “All dogs are individuals with their own personalities and dispositions.” “It’s important to consider your dog’s comfort level with new experiences in the past when taking them anywhere where there will be different sights and sounds, as well as crowds.”

“Large gatherings or events can be confusing or upsetting to pets, who may be scared or disoriented by loud noises,” DiCicco cautioned. “You might want to leave your pet at home, where you can make sure they’re safe and comfortable.” If you’re going outside with your dog, make sure they’re leashed, that they have plenty of fresh water, and that they don’t spend too much time on the hot asphalt. Because your dog is so close to the ground, his body can quickly heat up, causing his sensitive paw pads to burn.”

We Adopted Kane. We Don’t Know Much About His Background Or His Age, But He Is Around 10-12. He Is Nearly Deaf And Blind. He Is Very Sweet And Just Likes To Sleep All Day And Likes Going Outside. He Is A Good Boy (1/60)

After Two Weeks Of Dwelling Under The Bed Or Random Furniture As A Rescue, He Finally Considered Its Safe To Sit In My Lap And Gave Me This Look (3/60)