He Do A S C R E A M (6/30)

Another proof about how cats meow for certain things, Anna Ewers Clark who works in PDSA, the UK’s leading vet charity explained:

“For example, meowing in our ear in the morning often leads to breakfast; few owners can sleep through a persistent cat shouting! This means that they keep meowing at us while we’re in bed hoping we’ll get the message that it’s time to get up. This can be thought of like an owner-cat ‘language’ with cats using their voices to explain what they need.”

I Lost My Little Girl To Cancer Yesterday Morning. She Was Great At Yelling And Getting Herself Into Situations That Could Only Be Fixed By Yelling (Her Logic). Please Enjoy These Shots Of Her Yelling. Goodbye Sasha, I’ll Miss You Forever (5/30)

She Screams (1/30)