I Lost My Little Girl To Cancer Yesterday Morning. She Was Great At Yelling And Getting Herself Into Situations That Could Only Be Fixed By Yelling (Her Logic). Please Enjoy These Shots Of Her Yelling. Goodbye Sasha, I’ll Miss You Forever (5/30)

A cat behaviorist and the author of “A-Z. A Cat’s Guide to Humans”, Celia Haddon, she revealed a really interesting fact about cats’ world of yelling.

“Communication between cats is by smell and tactile signals, and, of course, body language.” explained Celia. So hey! If your cat is constantly meowing at you, they’re trying to talk to you, cat enthusiasts!

“Humans are vocal, so cats become more vocal as they get better at communication with us.”

As a result, cats meow to get our attention, demand food, announce their arrival, and for many other reasons. Don’t ignore your chatty kitty cause that’s how they are comfortable with the surroundings.

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