This Little Girl Decided To Break In Through Our Front Window Every Day For A Week And Adopt Us. It’s Been A Month And No One’s Claimed Her, So We Adopted Her Back (5/60)

Another pet whose photo appeared on this list is Jester. Jester’s owner, Reddit member Harding44, told that, “He is, well, a goofball.” “He adores his older sister, Bella, and follows her around everywhere she goes. He has a lot of energy and enjoys playing. He thinks he’s a lap dog and tries to lay his entire 70 pounds on you at all times.”

One of the reasons Harding44 chose Jester was because he reminded them so much of their previous dog. “He was adoring and amusing at the same time. He was very protective of me after only a few days. It didn’t take long for me to figure out that he belonged with me.”

“He’s been living with me for approximately a month. He’s adjusted in nicely and is already at ease around my family and me. We’re fortunate to have him!”
“At first, my roommates and I were fostering him,” Harding44 explained. “He only stayed with us for a week before being adopted by another family. They took him back to the shelter because he was “too huge and difficult to control.” I grabbed him right away and haven’t looked back since!”

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