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Guy Gets Revenge On Cat Who Kept Waking Him Up At 4 AM Every Morning

Everyone knows that cats like to sleep and can spend 15 hours at least on sleeping and taking a nap, but what cats don’t know is that humans also value rest. Or perhaps they know and simply don’t give a darn. Because, as all cat owners know, our feline friends love nothing but waking us up in the midnight, or at dawn, when people are in the most irritating mood to be waken up.

A kitty named Italics is running his rule without any hesitation. He likes to wake up his human at 4 am every day and that makes his owner come up with a vindictive idea to clap back! As seen in the following video (which has already been viewed over a million times on YouTube), his owner, Atlanta-based writer Nicolas Tecosky recently woke him up at 4pm to play in his own game. With the hilarious expression of Italics, it seemed like Nicolas won taking the justice for million cat owners who have been suffering from the nightmare that their cat created.

“My cat wakes me up at 4am every morning. I repaid the favor at 4pm yesterday.” – That was he proudly wrote on his social media.

Does your cat do the same as Italics? Show them this video and have a great night tonight, no one is gonna wake you up at 4am anymore!

More info: YouTube | Twitter | Nicholas Tecosky (h/t: boredpanda)

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“My cat wakes me up at 4am every morning. I repaid the favor at 4pm yesterday”


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