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Guy Puts 20 Face Cutouts Over His Cats To Give Them Hilariously Cute Emotions

An amazing Aussie family, Adrian and his two princesses Atlas and CleoCatra once conquered the Internet with a pack of the most hilarious goofy faces, do you know that? Cats are an endless source on social media, people can’t get enough of the cats and they need to see cats in various funny and lovely situations. Atlas and CleoCatra’s owner didn’t hesitate to hop on the trend. He photoshopped a hand holding a strip of paper and he inserted these quirky eyes and mouths clip arts on the paper. Turned out, 20 shades of 2 cats were born.

More info: Instagram (h/t: boredpanda)

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Turned out, that was not Adrian's hand at all. The cat owner had a reasonable answer for the photoshopped hand.

"It’s sometimes hard to get a cat to pose the way you want it to for a photo, so I always make sure I have my phone/camera at hand. There is, however, trickery behind the facial expression images of Atlas and CleoCatra.” - Explained Adrian. 

“The snippets of card and hand have been photoshopped in after I took the picture as it would be too difficult to match the same pose with different mouths and eyes each time. The eyes and mouths are modified from online clip art to suit the facial expressions. It was just a matter of working out which expressions worked best.”


His lovelies caught people's eyes with their magnificent appearance. Atlas is a plain breed of Scottish Fold who is curious, affectionate, and adorable. She enjoys following the owner around the house and always wants to know whether her dad was doing. She is a big sister in the family and she loves her little one CleoCatra, who appears to be Atlas's biological sister but from a different litter. 

"Their mother is a Scottish Fold and father a British Shorthair—which is the ethical way Scottish Folds should be bred, hence why Atlas has folded years and CC doesn’t. Atlas looks like her father, but inherited her mother's folded ears and CC looks like her mother, but inherited her fatherss straight ears. CC is the typical little sister and loves to follow Atlas around. Atlas loves her little sister and you will often find them cuddling together." - Adrian explained. 


People also wondered where this marvelous idea came from since those photos and the clip arts were like their actual facial expressions. It literally is the cattitudes that we usually mention. Without taking hundreds or thousands of cat photos, Adrian only needs one of each and he let his creativity flow. As the result, Atlas and CleoCatra's album went viral. 

“I’m always looking for ideas for creating creative posts and came across an image online with a white face mask with different facial expressions on it.” - Said the owner.

“This gave me the idea to do the white strip facial expressions focusing on the mouth and eyes as these are the most expressive parts of the face.”


Sadly, Atlas just passed away a month ago, which gives us sorrow when browsing through her adorable photos. But we believe that she would be happy if we are still smiling at what she has done to us, don't we? The memories of Atlas will still live on Adrian, CleoCatra, and people who have supported them.


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