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Guy Tricks People Into Sending Him Cute Cat Pics

Social media is a place for everybody that could post their opinions and photos to create a memory on many platform. It becomes popular not only because of huge amount of storage but also closely connecting to people. Moreover, photos on their timeline mostly are beautiful and adorable, which means that people love posting their wonderful pictures because they know someone will see and enjoy with them. Then all the good vibes always bring people close together and you can tell the communication is getting stronger day by day. However, as you may know, beauty can’t be evaluated in any specific way, and everyone has different feeling when seeing something outstanding. Therefore, people start typing out their comments many posts which are related to their own thought and experience. And at that time, we can see people’s discussion in various platforms nowadays and here is an example.

Twitter is a first place where everything begins. You will find a variety of GIFS-based discussions and individuals trying to sell their soundcloud on Twitter threads, but not on this one. You may have seen many people publish tweets stating their views and saying things like “fight me” or “don’t @ me” to get a reaction; lately, user @DozznutOperator did the same thing, but with an ulterior intent. As first, people won’t find out what is the main purpose of this user because they are busy at looking the best photos and proving their thought, especially the cat lovers.

The individual claimed that their cat was cuter than everyone else’s, which sparked a lot of discussion among cat owners and started a competition in cat lover community. The thread rapidly became flooded with photographs of lovely kittens, which was, as it turns out, the original plan. However, we can admit that this viral topic has brought us a lot of cute and beautiful cat photos that people can imagine. The interesting fact is the more we want to share our cat pictures, the more various of cat’s adoration ones showing in front of us. As we can say, this discussion has created a community of cat lovers, and a great competition of finding who is the cutest cat on earth is such a fun and energetic way in enjoying how lovely and naughty these kittens are.

Please scroll down below to see these cute photos and how people reply to this guy and accept this difficult challenge.

More info: Twitter (h/t: boredpanda)

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