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How Cats Say “I Love You”

Cats utilize their bodies to express a variety of emotions and feelings, but did you know that our cats say “I love you” to us in a variety of ways throughout the day?

Whether cats communicate with us by meowing or purring, or by gripping their tail in a particular way, their body language reveals a lot about how they feel about us. It’s even a sign of affection when we catch our cats clawing the furniture!

You’ll witness with your own eyes in the amazing film below, which shows those cute kitties Cole and Marmalade, just what our cats have been trying to tell us for years, but how many of us truly knew it?!

We hope after watching this video at Gidypet, you will understand more about our felines and have a true connection between human and cat because love is beautiful by getting know each other.

More info: Facebook (h/t: tweetcat)
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Watch the video here:


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