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How People Call Cats In Different Countries

It’s funny how we sometimes call a random cat on the street but they seem not to react or even give us a sharp glance. The easiest answer is cats are like us as well! Kitties are loved in every corner of the world and every country has another way to call a cat based on different languages and sounds.

For instance, in Mexico, you’ll have cat’s attention by calling “Bishito-bishito-bishito”. How about in the UK? Yeah, “Ch-ch-ch”. In Italy they call a cat a little bit cuter “Michio-michio-michio”. They are just simply adorable like those cats whom we worship right?

This collection might be the handy tip for you whenever you have plans to travel anywhere and make friends with cats in which you want to go. What’s your cat nationality? Let us know by upvoting and giving a comment below!

(h/t: boredpanda)

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