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How Your Office Would Look If Your Boss Was A Cat

Sometimes you just can’t stand with your boss, and most of the time you can’t stand with your little devilish domestic ‘boss’ at home (you clearly know what boss I’m talking about!), what if they are aggregated to be a kitty boss? What would it be like?

Welcome to a webcomic series called The Adventures Of Business Cat! These two guys Tom Fonder the cartoonist and Rachel Robins the content writer hit a marvelous milestone when they created and published the comic strips. Much relatable to the mischievous and funny behaviors of a cat can do, the comic showed exactly what a cat owner have to deal with.

The whole concept is about “CEO. Business maverick. Cat. A shrewd businessman and hard-hitting executive, Business Cat is not afraid to milk the corporate cash cow for his taste of the big-time.” Also  “He pushes the envelope with his integrated approach, maximising leverage, downsizing, rightsizing and other business things.”

A cat CEO is awkwardly drawn when you find some comic strips which the boss takes off his suit, don’t spill water!

More info: | Facebook | Twitter (h/t: designtaxi)

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