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If You Don’t Think Your Kids Need A Dog After Seeing These Pics, You Must Be A Cat

Kids and dogs have the similar personalities which make us downright frustrated all the time, double trouble, you know. These four-legged creatures have a wide range of energy, this may cause some unexpected dilemmas you have to deal with. But that are just in some rare cases will happen if you train the dogs properly and teach your kiddos how to behave with doggo friends. Kids and dogs are the best companions with each other, one is truly open and friendly (also needs treats), the other one is kind and smiley and carefree – that’s what a dog wants from a best friend furrever.

Sometimes a puppy pal is our substitute teacher who can give kids a thousand vulnerable lessons: how to be generous, how to care about everyone and everything, be kind and brave, how to maintain a healthy friendship, what a relief they didn’t teach our kids how to fetch and retrieve!

Wholesome moments are displayed with more than 40 pics below to show how happy when they are together, to show the trueness of bonding!

(h/t: boredpanda)

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#1 We’ve Been Looking For A Buddy For Our 10 Year Old Son For A Few Weeks And Yesterday We Found The Perfect Match!

#2 Dog Was Sad About The Cone, Thankfully Someone Was Willing To Cheer Him Up

#3 When She Comes Home From A Long Day At School, Having A Bad Day, Been Told Off Or Sad… She Cuddles Her Best Friend

#5 My 7-Month-Old Son Was Sitting Playing When My Wife’s Great Pyreneese Walked Up And Sat Beside Him. One Of The Greatest Moments That I’m Thankful To Have Captured

#6 Doggo Can’t Stand When My Son Goes To School. She Sat On Him This Morning So He Wouldn’t Leave

#10 Even If My Son So Much As Cries, He Rushes In To Save His Life. Best Buds

#11 My Son’s Always Been A Hugger. My Dog Wasn’t Totally Comfortable With That At First, But He’s Come Around

#13 My Daughter Is Home With A Fever. Puppy Therapy Has Commenced

#17 Home From School With The Flu. Asked My Son Why The Top Of Our Teacup Chihuahua’s Head Was Wet When They Woke Up From Nap Time. He Said, “I Licked Him. I Wanted To Say ‘I Love You’ In His Language So He Would Really Know”

#20 My Niece And Her Best Friend Got A Trampoline. I Think They Are Enjoying It

#21 My Son Giving His Dog A Quick Pep Talk Before The Vet Comes Back

#22 My Friends Dog Giving Up His Favorite Blanket To My Daughter

#23 My Daughter And Dog Checking Out The First Snow Of The Season

#24 My Puppy And My Baby Girl Fight Over Who’s Going To Warm Their Butt On The Vent In The Morning. The Baby Won Today. The Puppy Is Pouting About It

#25 Turned The Corner To See My Daughter And Her Dog Like This

#26 Our Rescue Puppy Is The Best Sleeping Buddy To Our 8-Month-Old Son

#27 My Son & Our Dog, Blue Were Born A Month Apart. When My Son Was Old Enough To Understand Birthdays, He Said, “Blue Is My Brother”

#29 Little Guy Fell Asleep In A Basket With His Golden Retriever Puppies

#30 My Son May Never Have Gotten To Meet His Great-Grandfather, But He Did Inherit His Best Friend


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