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If You Think The World Is Terrible, These 30+ Animal Friendships Might Change Your Mind

Want something to cheer yourself up? We’ve got your covered! There is nothing more divine than a friendship and animals are in love with this concept. We might have thought only the same breed or species would have a certain companionship, you still have time to think again. And if you are in need of having some photographic living proofs, here goes 50 outstanding friendships that come from the heart, the wholesomeness but not the appearance or different genes.

(h/t: boredpanda)

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#4 A Pelican Befriended A Stray Dog Who Was Often Spotted Hanging Out All Alone Along The Boat Docks. The Man Who Photographed This Has Adopted Him But Brings Him Back Every Day To See His Friend, Petey The Pelican

#13 Meet Herman, The Flightless Pigeon And His Best Friend Lundy, The Chihuahua Who Can’t Walk

#17 Rescue Fox And A Bulldog Become Inseparable And Form A Real-Life “The Fox And The Hound” Friendship

#19 My Aunts Goat Thinks It’s A Dog. It Wont Associate With The Other Goats And Only Hangs Out With The Dogs

#22 Our Neighbor Sent Me This Adorable Display Of Pure Joy Between Our Dogs. They Finally Got Him A Stool So He Could Greet His Big Friend Properly

#27 “A Rare Friendship Developed Between A Gray Wolf And Brown Bear”


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