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Italian Illustrator Shows The True Colors Of Cats That Prove How Adorable They Can Be (30 Pics)

Do you still remember the moment when you first got a cat? That precious time is priceless and I guess the feline will feel the same. While most of people who don’t like cats because they think and always judge cats are rebellious, malicious, and so self-interested that they are fed up with, cats have a lot of adorable sides: curious, cuddly, and affectionate! You don’t really know how cats actually are until you adopt them, let them step into your life. An Italian illustrator artist Margherita Grasso is excellent at precisely depicting the true colors of cats when those people never see it. His drawing style is quite dreamy, well colored, and detailed which have made him earn almost 25K artsy followers on Instagram and lots of appreciations on Behance.

Inspired by children and cats, which is the most wholesome friendship that happens to one’s life, he describes the exact personalities of each, brings out the relaxing, true, peaceful yet adventurous feelings when you enjoy his art. Who said cat can’t be lovable?

More info: Instagram | (h/t: boredpanda)

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