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Japanese Artist Turns Cats Into Anime Girls, And The Results Are Totally Adorable

Disclaimer: Your gentleman kitty might fall in love with those girls.

If you’re into cats and Japanese cultures, here’s an article for you. People like to turn our moggy into a personification version, wish them could speak and act like a real person. Thus, a lot of artists around the globe have been recreating cats into art based on where they are living. This time, let’s hit the road and travel to Japan!

DHK is known as a digital artist living in Japan and he published a series of anime catgirls to shock the world. He used some viral pictures of cats on the Internet and illustrated them to innocent girls with cat tails, alongside with cat ears. Those works of art are inspired by anime and manga style – where DHK was born and raised.

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As seen, these wonderful illustrations are bright, have clean lines and signature Japanese big eyes, yet still a little bit ecchi. He created a sophisticated and beautiful character that solve people’s imagination, wonder what a cat would look like if they were a human while maintaining the similarities to the original images.

“Just drawing for fun.” – this is what DHK wrote on his Twitter’s bio but he has currently gained almost 120K followers who love his arts. Nowadays anime is getting popular and lots of people fall in love with this Japanese unique manga. Do you want to be one of his fan? Follow his social media for more and more amazing masterpieces!

More info: Twitter | (h/t: boredpanda)

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