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Kind-hearted Stranger Runs To The Rescue Of A Bleeding Cat, Turns Out It Was Just Dried Red Paint

When you are an animal lover, you just can’t ignore any of them who is in the predicament. A Redditor HoneyFlowers was on the same page with us. While walking on the street enjoy the day, he saw a barbaric spectacle in front of him: a bleeding kitty laying down on the sidewalk. He had no idea why no one could stop and help the poor kitty who was in need of a little help. But everything is not what it seemed. The thinking of the worst for that cat had gone out of his head immediately. That was just a feline was peacefully napping in the center of the bright, dried red paint spatter.

“Smug bastard.” – he wrote on Reddit.

Turned out, people had seen this friendly cat was taking naps so many times. Even though it’s quite funny, we should probably have an eye on your pet or you might have several heart attacks.

(h/t: boredpanda)

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“Saw this cat bleeding out”

“[so I] ran to it’s rescue”

“It was just dried red paint”

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“Smug bastard”


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