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Kitten Up In Tree Not Knowing How To Come Back Down Is Given Encouragement From Mama Cat

Do you remember when you were a child, you used to be grounded because of surpassing the parents’ curfew? In some regions, people would whoop their kids, especially in Asia. On the other hand, in most European countries, they prefer talking and discussing with children so that they can reflect on themselves with guilts rather than threatening them with sticks and brooms. No matter how parents try to give you a little punishment, they love you unconditionally and the memories are hard to take back. So be it, let the childhood flashback wandering around your mind, no judging what they did to you in the past.

With the world of animals, they can’t speak. Taking action is what they are able to do when their kids are naughty. In the video below, there is a mama kitty trying to scruff her child’s neck to get the kitten down to the tree. He was stuck on the tree and not knowing how to come down. At first, the offspring started to balance with 4 paws so he wouldn’t fall off. With a small encouragement from the owner, the mama cat decided to climb up on the tree where the baby was in the danger. He was too young to have stronger paws and probably he didn’t know how to use his righting reflex. The mom came up to him, she was carrying the kid and took him, she failed.

She paused a while to think about the ‘strategy’, she went down and started to meow at her mischievous child with the hope he could do it by himself. Parents always said to us about problem-solving skills: we had to stand up where we started. Thirty seconds later, with the kindness and caring of both the mama cat and the human owner, the kitten made it! He was really frightened about it but he somehow could land on his feet. What a heartwarming moment!

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Watch the video here:


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